Technical Services

For over a decade, we have supplied technical solutions and high quality products to our customers consistently.  Our production standards exceed those required by the ISO certification process and our plants have been audited and approved by some of America’s largest companies, some from within the top Fortune 500.  We have partnerships and affiliations here in the US, China and Europe and owing to our combined size and expertise, we are always ready to fully support technically each chemical that we sell.

Our Technical Services department enables our partners to develop new products or improve their existing products for their present markets.  For example, to obtain the required performance at target cost, we might optimize the molecular structure of a chemical, or increase its purity, or change its physical form.

We also assist our partners in identifying and developing new markets for their present or new products. We help them evaluating and taking their products into new markets primarily in the USA and Europe.

To execute the New Product Development (NPD) or Market Development (MD) projects, in addition to chemical synthesis and analysis, we test the new or enhanced chemicals in current starting formulations depending on the target markets.  Specifically, for the coatings market, in our laboratory we perform appearance, color, and physical properties tests.  The appearance tests involve measurements such as gloss and transparency. The list of physical properties regularly tested includes abrasion, adhesion, conductivity, drying time, chemical resistance, gel time, coating film thickness (Fe, Non-Fe), hardness, impact flexibility, viscosity, friction, and other properties depending on end-use.

For the chemicals that we offer, our Technical Services department provides guidance and support to our partners and customers on physical and performance properties and relevant applications.  At the request of customers or prospects, we are also prepared to troubleshoot and optimize our chemicals on their existing or new formulated products.

technical services