oil-gas-industryOilfield & Gas Industry

Achiewell offers a full line of additives for the Oilfield and Gas Industry that are formulated into Fracking, Stimulation, and Coil Tube applications to name a few.  We offer solvents & cleaners such as d-Limonene and Dipentene. Our Surfactants include Alkyl Polyglucosides, which are biobased and biodegradable,  allowing your formulation to be environmentally-friendly.  Common thickening agents such as Xanthan and Guar Gum are offered as well as Cellulosic thickeners (HEC, PAC, CMC, and HPC).  For your drilling needs, both Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate and Polyoxyethylene Tridecyl Ether Phosphate are available.  In addition, based on our expertise in chemistry, colloidal and interfacial science, we can help solve your technical problems.



Achiewell offers a multitude of chemicals for your coating products.  Whether your coating is water-based, solvent-bourne, or UV, our products such as Titanium Dioxides, Surfactants, Epoxy Resins, or Silane Coupling Agents will incorporate into your formulation. Our laboratory staff is available to answer your formulating questions relating to our products.

personal-carePersonal Care

We offer products to formulate laundry care, soaps (dry & liquid), and intermediates. Our Surfactants, 12-Hydroxystearic Acid, and derivatives of Levulinic Acid are used in personal care products. Some of these ingredients are bio-based and readily biodegrade making them a safe formulating solution.


Products such as d-Limonene, Verbenone, or Camphene are frequently used in Fragrance formulations as solvents or intermediates to impart a specific odor. These products are widely used in multiple sub-markets: laundry, soap, and flavors.


We have been working with our customers for crop protection solutions.  We offer intermediates and raw materials by sourcing and custom manufacturing.  Products such as p-cyano phenol, phosphorous acid, trimethyl orthoformate, and triethyl orthoformate are used in crop protection products.

householdHousehold, Industrial & Institutional

We have both synthetic and bio-based product offerings to offer to the Household, Industrial & Institutional segment. Between our wide range of Surfactants and Fragrances, a large number of formulations can be developed.