New Products


Our product line has expanded to include Glycidyl Methacrylate (GMA), ACH GMA, and Branched Tertiary Alkyl (C12-C14) Primary Amine, ACH TAPA 81, a direct offset for Primene™ 81R. These products are great additions to give our customers alternatives for products supplied by a limited number of manufacturers.

Glycidyl Methacrylate (GMA), ACH GMA, is used in the manufacture of polymer coatings, adhesives, plastics & elastomers. Our GMA is manufactured without Epichlorohydrin which allows for formulations with improved chemical resistance in powder coatings and less toxicity than other commercially competitive products.

ACH TAPA 81, a direct offset for Primene™ 81R, is commonly used in preparing oil-soluble friction modifiers and is used as a sulfur scavenger and anti-corrosion agent. It is used formulated into fuels due to its resistance to oxidation by helping to maintain fluidity and by preventing sludge during fuel storage.

Please contact us for additional information on these new exciting products.